so 150x150#####Think, Try, Triumph!

Stefanie Kroth creates fashion and graphics.
She will nurture your passion for handiwork and show you how to sew stunning pieces of craft with creativity, versatility and consummate ease!

With her SO! label, all of her designs are simple and refined – perfect for all of you sewing enthusiasts and fashion fanatics. Her cuts accommodate all sizes, ranging from XS to XXXL.

From her initial training as a fashion designer and pattern technician, to her subsequent studies in media and communication, to her professional experience in graphic design and advertising: a passion for fashion and creativity has been at the core of everything Stefanie has achieved. And it is precisely this that she wants to share with you here.

Begin your artistic adventure with SO! today!


Stefanie creates the SO!-Patterns with

Grafis (pattern construction software)
• Adobe InDesign / Illustrator / Photoshop





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  1. samantha
    | Antworten

    hi can you please tell me of the bust measurement is upper bust or full bust? Mnay thanks, Samantha

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